About Us

Turn that frown into a smile with some coffee

Sad Donkey Coffee was founded in 2019 by the four Crandell siblings. Chase, Indigo, Samantha, and Zac. 

We are very excited to be bringing our passion for coffee and fun atmosphere to locations around Florida, and expand as far as we can go!


The Menu

Don't see something you're looking for? Just ask. I'm sure we can make it for you!

The main menu

These are the drinks that will always be available. Anytime.

Seasonal Menu

Our Seasonal menu will change every so often. Our baristas like to try out new things, and be creative. Gotta be in the mood to try something new sometimes!



We are always here to answer any questions about our beverages, hiring, and future/current coffee shop locations!

102 NE second Ave Williston FL 32696

352 445 5975



Drink it here, or take it with you

Monday - Saturday: 7am - 3pm
Sunday: 8am - 12pm


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